lightning alot and a little

might be the easiest or hardest question in the world to answer.....

what causes some storms to be sooo electrically charged, while others to be a flash every 10 mins......

first week in august - chicago - storms blew up one night over the city dumped buckets of rain but the real amazing thing was the lightning it was continuous and i dont mean a flash every ten seconds i mean like flashboomflashboom no space in between i think there were close to 9000 strikes in southside in an hour, we had 15 house fires in 90 mins i really thought it was going to be a huge disaster, we had to pull box alarms all night

september 22nd - driving home radar showed a broken line of severe warned cells in central illinois.....didnt see a single flash of lightning driving through rain and light winds, we were right under the core of a svr warned storm and did not see a single flash

why does one storm produce barrages of lightning and others are like ok i know this is a storm but there is next to nothing?