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Learn from my mistakes


I did some local chasing two nights ago. I arrived back home about 3:30a.m. By that time I was to tired to take all my equipment inside and thought since it is right infront of my house it will be alright. Yesterday I was real busy and forgot to bring it inside. Tonight, I walked outside to look at the meteor shower that I kept hearing about and saw my car light on. Someone had busted out my back window, unlocked all my doors, and stole every peice of equipment I had in there. They stole my gps, cameras, camcorders, lenses, scanners, all my radios, all my film and batteries and even took my 2 dollar flashlight. So please learn from my mistakes and no matter what time you get home or how tired or busy you are, please make time to bring your equipmeant inside so this does not happen to you. I have not filed a police report yet, but I am sure they will put it on file and do nothing. Don't make my mistake. Take five minutes and bring everything inside.
WOW! Sorry to hear about your misfortune. The time alone to replace it all is bad enough but the cost is going to really hurt. Did you copy the serial numbers down off of the equipment? Do you have any backup equipment to get you by until you can replace it all? The chance that you will get it back will be slim unless it gets pawned quickly. Good luck with the recovery!
Sorry to hear that, A.T. I know another chaser who lost everything last year though his vehicle was parked right outside his home. It's a pain hauling it all inside every night, but I guess we don't have much choice these days.
I had something similar happen to me once. One evening I left my wallet in my car - I knew I had done this but since I was very tired I figured I'd go out and get it later. Well "later" turned out to be the next morning when I found my drivers side window out and my wallet gone. Lesson learned...."later" is plenty of time for someone to get in your vehicle and get what they want.

A.T....sorry to hear that . Most people dont realize that from the time the thieves pop the glass....get you stuff and leave, averages 30-60 seconds. Some will take up to 3-5 minutes if they feel comfortable or feel the risk is worth the loot. You are right.....one must conceal or remove the items daily. Even though the secondary market is low for weather instruments...cameras, radios and such sell good. Ebay might be a place to check for your items too. DO everyone a favor though...make the police report as soon as you can and have accuarte descriptions and serial numbers if possible. That way your local P.D. can list them on the F.B.I.'s N.C.I.C computer...if they show up anywhere in the U.S. they might be recovered. Also our P.D. checks pawn tickets from every pawn shop daily...and if your stuff surfaces, we can recover the items and possibly make an arrest.....good luck....Alan
I see that your location is Tulsa, Ok. I live in Tulsa too and I am not at all surprised that your vehicle was broken into. I have been broken into 3 times in as many years.(all at different locations I might add) I have had 2 cd players stolen and the 3rd time the back window of my 4-Runner was smashed with nothing to steal in the vehicle. If you live in Tulsa, don't leave as much as a CD case in your floorboard, you might find a broken window the next day.

As for the police, go ahead and report it because you never know where your equipment will turn up. Earlier this year there was a large theft ring bust and stolen goods were recovered. Good luck!
My brother had a car window smashed a couple months ago (in Cleveland OH, and during the middle of the day), and the bicycle inside stolen. I imagine the bike wasn't worth more than a couple hundred $.

I always chase with a blanket in the car.

It serves several purposes:

*Some of my equipment (laptop, etc.) isn't mounted in the car, so I fill in the passenger-side footwell with a large pillow, and then the blanket goes on top of that, and the blanket also creates kind of a "table" on the passenger seat (when I don't have a passenger....about 1/2 the time) on which I put the laptop. (I put some maps under the laptop so it can cool when its fan runs.) I also keep the smaller vidcam there. Not only does this "system" of mine keep things within easy reach while driving, but also prevents my stuff from getting thrown around too much when high-g driving maneuvers are required. It's not "professional looking", but it works just fine for me! I'm not trying to win any contests for the coolest chase vehicle setup.

*In the event that a blanket and/or pillow is needed for an unplanned "camping night", or for a storm victim, I have it.

*Once I'm at a motel, most of my stuff goes into the room, but the phone cradle and a couple other things inside the car leave clues that there are valuables inside. I throw the blanket over everything. That may or may not be even worse.....suggesting that there are even more valuables inside than there actually are, but, anyway, that's what I do.