Laptop Mounts?

Sean McMullen

I just received a laptop made by Auto laptop mounts inc. and the first thing I wanted to do after installing it was to take it out. The whole rig was a disaster. First, it shook like a dog crapping tacs and second, it couldn't even support the weight of my rather light 14" compaq laptop. As soon as I rested the laptop on the PLEXI-GLASS DESK the mount would collapse.

I thought I'd return the mount and put the money towards either a jotto desk or a ram mount and I was wondering which would be best. The Jotto desk cost about $100 more than the Ram mount but they both look very sturdy and proffesionally built. Any advice on this would be appreciated greatly.

I have a Jotto Desk and haven't looked back. It hold just about anything I've put on it. My wifes rather heavy Dell doesn't phase it. It bounces a little going down dirt roads that will rattle your teeth. But then anything that isn't nailed down becomes airborne on those roads! My money would go on the Jotto.

That's not to say anything bad about RAM mounts. I've used some of their camera mounts and they've been adequate, but settled on something a little moremobile. I don't know much about the laptop mounts, but I believe there's a couple of folks on here that have them.

Jotto Desk. Remember in most cases, you get what you pay for and in the case of driving with an expensive computer, you want the expensive computer desk. Just remember what it will cost to replace the laptop and the laptop desk if it falls and breaks while you driving.