Lake Charles TV Stream

David Hilbert

A must see while it's up and a good stream (i.e. forget Houston). This is back woods TV, the closest to the strongest quad, and will remind all of us of our collage TV classes, a must watch! As I listen now, there's cel calls from shrimpers....

Ground zero NE quad.....
KPLC is a sister station (Liberty Corp) with mine. KPLC made the choice to evacuate because the station is in downtown LCH, and is likely to flood. While they are able to use a still graphic "doublebox" and their radar equipment, the full graphics system used by our stations is a very complex system, and probably couldn't be moved, so they have to resort to the dry erase boards, etc.

I don't know how they have rearranged their studio-transmitter links, but I know the tower is NE of LCH, so hopefully it'll survive.

They don't have a large staff (small market) but so far hasn't asked for many additional folks. It's a good operation (I reported for them in Lili), and I think they're doing a fine job considering the circumstances..