Lack of sandbagging of levee due to miscommunication

Wow. Just... wow. According to WWLTV, the reason the 3000 pounds of sandbags weren't dropped were due to miscommunications. The chopper that was supposed to drop the bags did SAR work, instead.

So now the city fills with water.

Same thing that was said be a WDSU reporter on CNN... This shows the importance of communications. It's not bad if you think that reporters and citizens don't have cell phone service, but it's horrible if you realize that emergency communications are shady at best as well.
It will only get worse as handheld radio batteries run down with no way to recharge them and repeater systems backup generators run out of gas or get swamped with water. They will be down to car powered ham radios very soon. That and hand cranked radios. They need to get military communications equipment in there soon. They are mobile and built to be set up in minutes. I can see total anarchy breaking out in the next day or 2.