Kestrel or Speedtech? (Handheld Wind/Weather Stations)

After selling off one of my MP3 players on eBay (I bought for $10.00 at Wal-Mart back in '03 after the computer goofed lol) for $130, I am now in the market on getting a handheld wind/weather station. I have viewed several models from Kestrel and Speedtech, notably the Kestrel 3000 and the Speedtech SM-28 models.

They both are really impressive, the Speedtech SM-28 has everything including the barometric pressure, something the Kestrel doesn't have, I can get the Speedtech on eBay for about $120, the Kestrel for about $130. Kestrel, although, is more accurate than the Speedtech by the margin of error, but I am soliciting opinions and recommendations from you all.

I have used the Kestrel 3000 for the last 3 years now. I have no problems with the unit so far. I don't know to much about the Speedtech SM-28 so it is hard for me to judge that unit. I know the next model up the Kestrel 4000 has lots of nice features, but big bucks. I bought the unit from anythingweather, the only thing about handheld units is you do get wet....LOL and you can't use it while driving, the main thing that sold me on this unit was the dew point, at the time no other handheld (that I found) would do dew points. If you do get a handheld, I would recommend getting an extra fan, never know when it might go out and they are to not too bad in price.

Jay Cazel
We use the kestrel 4000 at work as the backup to all of the garrison equipment, i find it to be very accurate for the most part (tends to read a little low on dew point, but that's about it).

The quoted accuracy figures are very underrated, it's consistantly within .1hpa of our DBASI. It doesn't get much better than that, especially since it replaces a heavy case of deployment met equipment that you no longer have to lug out to the field :)

I've never used the 3000, but if i had to buy one i'd probably go for the 4000, running about 230 bucks.
I'll chime in too.. I've got a Kestrel 3000, which has served me well. Its a rugged little unit too, having fallen off of my car in a church's gravel parking lot east of PIA on 3/30 and not getting picked up until 10 minutes later (after I realized what that noise I heard was). I've left it outside on my porch rail during an ice storm...once the 1/4" of ice melted off, it worked just fine. If you're just wanting to make quick obs for your own sake (or to measure wind gusts for spotting purposes), the 3000 will suit you quite well.

As for taking measurements in the midst of heavy rain...I did it last night. The trick is to stick your arm out the window and roll the window up until it starts to cut the circulation in your hand off. :wink: If I get bored and crafty this summer, I might try to rig something that would allow you to stick the kestrel out the window w/o having to get too wet. The 'max wind' mode would be very useful then.

The Inspeed works well. I've used it for over a year and a half. Accurate and inexpensive, with pole and mag mounts so you don't have to hold your arm out the window or stand out in the rain and lightning. The owner is great to work with, he's sent me replacement parts at no cost when I've hit tree limbs with it driving down the road.

Downside is no temp/humidity sensor. But my car has a pretty accurate outdoor thermometer, so I'm only out the humidity readings.