Katrina's refugees?

Michael Auker

I can't comprehend the logistical difficulties of housing and feeding so many hundreds of thousands. Are big tent cities going to be the answer? How was Andrew's refugee situation handled? And how are they going to evacuate the many thousands still in New Orleans with the city being nearly unreachable by road?
What about the million (maybe more) or so that evacuated? What are they going to do? Where are they going to live?
Andrew was basically a 40 mile wide tornado - as terrific and horrible an event it was, in history Katrina will stand alone. The effects of this storm are much, much more multi-faceted and challenging and will shake the very foundations of civilized life down there, and have much more widespread consequences for the rest of us. Our national energy transportation and distribution system has taken a severe body blow. This isn't about some Floridians standing around tents and fighting over bottled water, and the closing of a single air force base - this is about the decimation of a distinct and important region of our country. A whole people sitting in what will soon become a cesspool of petrochemicals and goodness knows what other waste in hot temperatures. The rest of the nation sitting here today asking when will the refinery spigots be turned on? LOL Power, communications, food, water - simply not there. This, of any event any of us have ever witnessed - is this not the greatest testament to the power of nature in our time?