June: Lincoln & Omaha, Finding a Motel Room May be Hard

Just a reminder, finding a motel in Lincoln and Omaha in June, may be a problem, with the baseball tournaments. Best to called ahead.

University of Nebraska is hosting one of college baseball regionals,
June 3,4,5,6 and if necessary June 7. Motels could be scarce in Lincoln
during that time period.

I was in Lincoln back in February and they were hosting the boys state finals in Wrestling, which I did not know about. It took me over 2 hours to find a motel and I paid around 120 dollars for the room,

More on the baseball regional:

College World Series, opening celebration starts June 16.
The 2005 College World Series takes place June 17-23 with Championship games June 25-26/27.


The 2004 College World Series drew a total of 256,730 fans, second only to the 260,091 fans who came to the 2003 College World Series. Six of the top 10 attended sessions in CWS history were set in 2004. In the past five years, the average total attendance is 227,603.

Thanks for the heads up, I sure some of us SP's chasers will be doing overnighters in the NP's come June. I might find alternate city during that time period. Omaha is a happening place come college world series time!!!
Well, things usually aren't bad out here in Grand Island around that time, although York may be a little more filled as well. We're only 1.25-1.5 hours from Lincoln and 2-2.25 hours to OMA.

I'll also let my garage for $20 a night (and it has a fridge.) :)


St. Joseph is only two hours south and has plenty as well, allowing you to maintain good N-S and E-W road options as needed. All the chains here, but the best is Stoney Creek Inn ... cool place. KC's not far away either. The worst place about dealing with hotels is the Ozarks on this weekend ... I knew exactly what Dan Robinson was talking about when he posted about coming through Joplin on Friday ... the same thing has happened to me more than once. You can't get rooms within 200 mi. of Branson during peak weekends.