I never had the opportunity to know Jeff personally, but always enjoyed reading his posts on Storm Track, especially regarding the California tornadic events. He will be missed and remembered.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Jason Politte
Wow. Being so new here, I feel amost unqualified to post in this topic. I am slowly getting to know some of the people that I did not already know through WX-CHASE. And I had been to Jeff's website before. But I deeply regret that I never got to know him. He was obviously both a credit to the hobby and to humanity as a whole. A man like that will surely be missed.

Apritchard is right. Never take anything for granted. Let's be safe out there.

My sincerest sympathies to Jeff's friends and family, and my thanks for sharing him with us through the years.
This is very sad to hear. I just learned of this on Amos's blog. I only knew Jeff from this forum and the convention. My condolences to the Wear family. --- Rest In Peace, Jeff.
Good day everyone,

I am VERY sad to hear about this. I can only express my best wishes and condolences towards his friends and family. At least he passed on doing what he enjoyed doing.

May he rest in peace and chase for all eternity ... No traffic jams, no roadblocks, no busts ... Just beautiful storms forever.
What amazingly sad news. My deepest condolences to the Wear family and friends. While I did not ever have the pleasure of meeting Jeff, I too enjoyed his contributions to the chasing community - and he will be sorely missed.

Though I never met him, I did read his posts and enjoyed his experiences through ST. I pray for his family and friends through time time of trial. Requiem in Pace.
I can't say anything more than what has been said, though I feel compelled to repeat it: Jeff will be greatly missed. I thoroughly enjoyed not only his presence on this message board but reading his chase logs on his website. Though I never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, his loss has no less affected me. My prayers are with Jeff's family.

I was one of the first ST people to find out about this, I guess. I read Karen's post in EE before she had the chance to re-post in W&C. I was slightly inebriated at the time, so I figured that's why I was almost brought to tears. Nope. Its the morning, and this still really hits hard. I never knew Jeff beyond seeing his posts on ST. I had never gone to his website, never met him at a convention or in the field. Now I regret that.

For all the bickering, mockery, and ill-will that goes on among chasers, both on and off the board, its refreshing to see that for a moment at least, we can set aside our pettiness and express our hearfelt condolences for a fallen homie. The storm chasing "community" is more like a slightly dysfunctional family. We never get along with each other, but we all band together in time of need. Our family has lost a brother today, one who brought a lot of heart to our hobby.

I think most of us, when we die, hope that the people who survive us remember us fondly. That we have made an impact on those around us. Jeff Wear was fortunate enough to have done that. His family doesn't need to wonder "did his life make a difference?" So far this morning, 40 people have already replied expressing the loss they feel. Most of these people have never met Jeff, such as myself, but the fact that the loss is no easier to take is a profound indication on the effect he had on all of us.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jeff Wear...

Jeff Wear, with user ID #3 and none before him, is the very first person who comes up in our user list (even before me, as I had wiped out two earlier versions of my administrator account). This also indicates he was one of the very first members of the ST board (if not THE first). Good to see he will keep a position of honor.

He accrued 967 posts, which you can read here, or look at his profile.