It's on the ground! It's on the ground!

Jason Boggs

Uhhh....SNOW that is. Yea, it's May 2nd and there is about an inch or so on the ground here in Amarillo! I just got off work and when I walked outside I about S&*$#t a brick. Ok Mother Nature, this is not fair! I have been in the TX panhandle since 1979 and I have never seen it snow in May...Not saying that is hasn't happened, but I have never seen it. And you know what, as of today, my chase vacation has officially started and I am seeing this happening. I just laughed on the drive home from work. I mean what else can I do in this situation. I now throw my hands up in the air and say...Mother Nature, whatever I have done to you, I am sorry, I am so sorry! You know something, When I am chasing I sometimes say to Mother Nature.."Come on Mother Nature, show me what you've got!" This wasn't quite what I meant!
Stay tuned...Pics coming in an hour or so. For starters, here is a radar image of the snow...


4b7e801302828dce9c9dff1ad6969b40.jpg A baseball sized hailstone, I mean snowball :shock: on May 2nd 2005. Hey, I can dream can't I?

UPDATE: snow is still falling pretty hard at 9:30am. I think it's safe to say that Amarillo now has about 2 and possibly 3 inches on the ground.
Also, heard a report from a TV Met. that there was 6-8 inches of the crazy white stuff in Nara Visa, NM.

3b548e89db8f84ce64464616f7b6aa8f.jpg Snow still coming down at 9:30am!

UPDATE: Amarillo has officially received 4.7 inches of snow today. 1917 was the last time Amarillo has recieved a measurable snowfall in the month of May!
Snowing in Texas, in May?! Damn. We've had a few flurries up here yesterday and this morning, but nothing sticking. It's actually kind of neat in a way seeing snow come down with the trees all full of leaves.

By this weekend this will all be a distant memory.......

Jason I almost did the same as you. I mean I was awakened at about 1am with a nice thunderstorm. The thunder was shaking the house but then I wake up and see nothing but white!! I kapt saying to myself "is this May??".

Oh well at least its ground moisture to hold the dryline back west instead of mixing east when we do finally get some heat. Maybe this saturday. it looks like a possible chase day.
This better not happen...

I know I shouldn't even say this, but I'm going to anyway...What's really going to piss me off is if we go from this unseasonably cold and wet pattern right into a summer heat pattern with very limited or no severe weather in between. All this moisture would be wasted and that would be really frustraiting.

Brian Swiatowy
AKA Brian James
Bite your tongue Bryan!!!! I am not too worried.. looks like this weekend and next week will have some play time for us.
That's probably what's going to happen. The REALLY good tornadic storms will be up in you guys area while we just get the severe hailers down here and I have to stay down and help cover it. 8)