It just doesn't stop...

Seeing the 18z GFDL's projection of a <940mb storm entering the Gulf in the near future, I can't imagine what the psychological impacts on Katrina victims will be if this threatens the U.S. Gulf coast down the road. After the monster that was Katrina, the last thing these folks need to be dealing with is the fear of another landfalling major hurricane (or any TC for that matter). If (Rita) makes landfall along the American Gulf coast, it would be the 12th such landfall in the past two hurricane seasons.

US Gulf Coast Landfalls (2004 & 2005 Seasons)
TS Bonnie -- Near Appalachicola, FL -- 8/12/2004
HURR Charley -- Punta Gorda, FL -- 8/13/2004
(TS) Frances -- Saint Marks, FL -- 9/6/2004
HURR Ivan -- Gulf Shores, AL -- 9/13/2004
(TS) Ivan -- Southwest Louisiana -- 9/24/2004
TS Matthew -- Near Cocodrie, LA -- 10/10/2004
TS Arlene -- Near Pensacola, FL -- 6/11/2005
TS Cindy -- Near Grand Isle, LA -- 7/5/2005
HURR Dennis -- Near Pensacola, FL -- 7/10/2005
HURR Katrina -- Near Buras, LA -- 8/29/2005
* HURR Katrina -- LA/MS Border -- 8/29/2005

US Non-Gulf Coast Landfalls (2004 & 2005 Seasons)
HURR Charley -- Cape Romain, SC -- 8/14/2004
* HURR Charley -- North Myrtle Beach, SC -- 8/14/2004
HURR Frances -- Sewall's Point, FL -- 9/5/2004
TS Gaston -- Near McClennanville, SC -- 8/29/2004
HURR Jeanne -- Stewart, FL -- 9/26/2004
HURR Katrina -- Miami-Dade/Broward Co. Line, FL -- 8/25/2005
(*)= technical secondary landfalls due to coastline geography

EDIT: Jeff, you're right that there were also many other landfalls in other parts of the country. Florida has had 8 direct landfalls since August 2004!
If you list both of Katina's landfalls in the northern Gulf, you should also mention it's Florida landfall... How many storms have hit Florida alone in the past 2 years? geez...