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Is this one of you? Mulvane tornado shots

Wow! Look how close he is! Look at the thing intensify as he gets into the 60-70 mph RFD! Great shots! He needs to join up.
I believe that these shots were taken by a local resident (non-chaser). They were very close to the initial touchdown of the second (Mulvane) tornado and had a view that I haven't seen yet from any other chasers. It looks like they were on the north side of it initially.
He called the Rock, KS tornado "lame." Deserves to be slapped.

Seems awful cocky in his description of the event. A total luck out, but it's made to look like "a day in the life of.."
The shots of the Rock tornado look awfully similar to the ones that I have, and I remember a local man with his two daughters was filming the tornado alongside me and a couple friends. He also mentioned something about having property in the area the tornado was touching down.
Do you guys think he got too close? It seems like it to me.

Of course, I don't know the full story behind that particular Tornado.
I actually am wrong in my previous statement. This gentleman as about a mile north of where I saw the Rock tornado. If I recall, I was about three miles south of Rock at that time. That would place him maybe two miles to the south of the tornado.
Mulvane Tornado

I was in a similar position as the photographer...just north of the first and second tornado. Although it appears that he drove south and east and was just south of the second tornado just as it hit the home. I remained just north of both tornadoes for their entire duration It was a very dangerous place to be as softball size hail stones were slamming into the roofs of nearby houses. One stone that looked to be 4-5 inches in diameter missed my car by about 2 feet. I wasn't going to get out of the car without some kind of a helmet or body armor, so I hope his pictures were taken inside of the vehicle. The CGs just north of the tornado were also some of the most frequent I have seen with any tornadic storm.