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Is this a funnel?

Does this photo show a cone funnel? What do others think.

:?: Very interesting pix. Its hard to say. It definatly has the classic shape of a cone funnel but does not appear to have a wall cloud. It may very well be a wall cloud. It will be interesting to see what others have to say.

Looking carefully at the HPish storm structure, especially the two distinct precip cores, I'd have to say that this is a very strong candidate as a developing cone funnel/tornado.

To help us out, can you detail any addtional information such as the direction we are viewing the storm as well as the storm attributes such as hail?
I was southeast of the storm (looking NW).
2 inch hail was observed. The storm was constantly changing in appearance. Location, New Mexico.

Got another photo here, about 2minutes after the last.

Did you see any rotation?

If it rotates, I'd say it's a funnel. If not, then it's something else.
Yeah, without seeing in motion it's hard to come to a conclusion. I'd definitely say it's suspicious though. I'd have had my eye on it if I'd been there.
Good afternoon,

Again its hard to say since this is a still image, however, another image of the same storm and suspect area is posted for 2 minutes later. The latter one shows a pronounced RFD slot cutting in from the left of the feature (funnel?) compared to the first. This is significant rotation at least at the mesocyclone level. The funnel in question can simply be a tag of scud along the RFD gust front if it is not rotating.
Thanks for your replies.

A tornado was reported from that storm/that area. Obviously the person who reported the tornado must have had a better look then me. :)