Introducing StormWiki: A collaborative site project

Mar 21, 2005
Kearney, NE
Introducing: StormWiki

StormWiki is a collaborative web site for all those who are interested in encouraging the education of those wanting to learn more about severe weather and storm-chasing. It is not meant to compete with existing sites, but to be a companion to them. Any registered user can edit and create StormWiki pages, and registration is free and simple.

As a newbie myself, with little meteorological education, I found that I could use a site that could serve as a "secret decoder ring" to some of the terms, acronyms and slang found in the Stormtrack Forum, WX-CHASE list and elsewhere. I hope it is useful to others in my position, as well, as we climb the foothills of the learning curve. I envision StormWiki containing many general topic articles, as well as glossary terms, and links to useful resources.

There are many experienced storm-chasers here who are very generous with their knowledge, but may get tired of answering the same question over and over. StormWiki could serve as an excellent FAQ site.

I hope you will poke around the StormWiki site and help make it even better. A collaborative web site is only as good as its collaborators and their contributions. I've created the current content over the last month, but there is much, much more that can be added and "many hands make light the work". Consider this your open invitation to join the StormWiki community!

Please forgive the double post, but I know some people rarely view the Everything Else forum and others rarely view the FAQ/Newbies forum!

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE
I've just started two new articles as part of our Collaborative Writing experiment over on StormWiki:
An Introduction to Models
Gleaning Info from the SPC Forecast Discussions
Check them out at the StormWiki Community Portal:

If you have an account, just sign-in, click "Edit" and start bangin' those keys! If you don't have an account, GET ONE! Whattcha waiting for - a PERSONAL invite? :p

Newbies are welcome. (In fact, StormWiki was started by the biggest newbie in the world: ME!) I've found that the best way to learn is to try to teach others. Researching and writing so that others will understand is a great way to glean understanding for yourself! Don't worry overmuch about things you might not just right. The beauty of a Wiki is that someone else can come along and edit the article. I expect there will be a lot of "cleaning up" after my entries!

We've already got over 15 users who have signed up in the past few days, but the more the merrier. StormWiki has been called a "potentially awesome resource". Together we can make it simply "awesome".

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE