Interesting Xmas Eve Radar Signature

There's an interesting view of what I assume to be precip along some kind of warm frontal boundary in central AR this morning that I thought I'd share:


I've rarely seen frontal boundary precip as skinny as this! It looks kinda crazy but I'm willing to bet that it's a warm front as if one runs a loop it is slowly drifting north. This front separates 40s in the southern half of the state from 30s in the northern half.

Image is fine for me ya your right that is a very skinny line of precip.
I'm sure it has something to do with orographic & isentropic lift w/ the Ozarks being right there.


Radar grabs like this rock.
I've seen narrow threads of precip on boundaries such as this, but not often in such a cool climate. What makes it interesting is its continuous nature. It is clearly visible as the precip is not broken up into segments. Nice grab.