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interesting tornado memorabilia

200.00 dollars for a little plastic ball with blinking led's? :shock:
I like the guy's auctions further back where he lists some 007 darts as props, then in the details says they're replicas.
Interesting that you bring this subject up Tim; as I have located and purchased numerous tornado-related memorabilia via eBay over the past eight years... ranging from an original Evansville, Indiana newspaper from March 19, 1925 covering the grossly overestimated death toll of the tri-state tornado; to one-of-a-kind color 8mm movie film of damage following the significant 27-May-1957 Ruskin Heights, Kansas tornado.

I'll start the bidding at $3 (canadian money).

Oh sorry, this isn't ebay? Forget it then...

Actually Tim, maybe there should be a place on stormtrack's forums for people to list their ebay items as long as they are storm chasing related.