Interesting "Hole-Punch" Clouds

Good day,

The picture below is one of some interesting "hole punches" in a deck of altocumulus clouds high over Lakeland, Florida...


This formation is simply a "subsidence hole" where sinking air caused a section of the cloud to dissipate.

Also note that some condensation / freezing has occurred in the center of the hole and formed a cirrus-like cloud in it (probably snow as the AC deck was about 16,000 feet AGL).

The "hole" may have been triggered by a sinking drier air parcel above it (like a negative bouyancy "thermal") or even passage of a jet airliner punching through the cloud deck causing a "dis-trail".

Chris C - KG4PJN
Hey! That's the kind of phenomena that one crazy TV met said was weather modification by the Russians. :roll:

Cool feature though. 8)
The darker cloud kind of looks like the head and neck of a chicken -- heading the other direction with head cocked to the left :) Forgive me, I have birds on the brain now that the Seahawks are in the NFC Championship game.

Interesting photo, Chris!

I have seen this before. I agree that an aircraft may have caused this.
My guess is that the cloud is made of super cooled water, the passage of the aircraft has led to glaciation and then precipitation. The cloud has literally fallen out.