Inland Mississippi

Apr 13, 2005
Jackson, Ms
I figured I would open this thread since most of my friends just south of Jackson are already without power. Luckily I've just had a couple flashes but its been holding up good so far. I have gotten gusts close to 50 in the last hour. I know Hattiesburg is going to be pretty bad off and reports should start rolling in shortly. There are many homes in that area surrounded by tall Pine and Oak trees. The winds are still plenty strong enough to snap the Pine trees and the Oak trees will pose a huge risk of being uprooted since rainfall totals are getting up there fast. Tornado warnings are also going up like crazy.
Good Luck to you! I hope you make it through this okay and unharmed.
Thanks, I will be fine. I just hope everyone in south central Ms around the Hattiesburg area comes out ok. They are not prepared for a category 2 hurricane 70 miles inland.
I've been getting some serious winds. I know they have to be gusting over 70 at times. Lost a pine tree in the back yard that just snapped. Power outages are becoming wide spread in the Jackson metro. I'm afraid it could be quite a while before some of the power is restored. I never would have guessed the winds would get this bad this far inland on the West side. K's wind field is huge!
Ellisville - radio tower collapse

I have family in Ellisville, MS, and they said the 1000' radio tower right beside their house collapsed - no injuries or damage to the house from that. Trees are dropping limbs everywhere - large limb fell on their roof. No power, but they do have telephone service. They've got a storm shelter with about a dozen anxious folks in it.
I lost power about 3pm and it looks like it will be out for a few weeks. Trees and powerlines are thrown all over. I can't believe how bad it got here. The winds were more intense than Cindy and almost as intense as the eyewall of Dennis. The winds also lasted almost all day. I spent most of the afternoon dragging trees out of roads. There are many houses damaged and almost every road is blocked. I am currently at my mother in law's sitting in my truck using my wireless internet. My brother in laws and I all have generators and we are pooling our resources. I am not kidding when I say the damage in central Ms will be much worse than what Dennis did in Pensacola. The Jackson area has not had a major wind event in many years and it has caused many trees to fall all at once. We also received a lot of rain before the winds got bad so many tree's were uprooted. All gas stations and stores are closed and will remain so until power starts getting restored. Can someone please email me some air conditioning,lol. It is going to be a long time until things return to normal.
I am currently heading to Monroe , La from Jackson just to get gas and food. 97% of the people in the Jackson metro are without power and Entergy has stated that they are extremely undermanned in the area due to the disaster on the coast and in NO. Many places have no water, telephone or cell service.I strongly underestimated K this far inland. I have an area a 1/4 mile NE of my home that looks like a tornado came through. I really wish I could get some pics out. The area has some of the largest oak trees I have ever seen and they were uprooteed and moved as much as 20 feet from where they were standing. The root systems are as much as 15 feet wide. Pines and power poles are snapped. It really is quite impressive. I don't know if a tornado could have formed on the West side of the wall, but I don't see how cat 1 winds could do some of the stuff I was looking at.