In Search of Supercells 2006 Available!

Hello everyone,

Finally, ISOS 2006 is out on DVD or VHS. In such a dead year, it STILL is 145 minutes long! :)

It has tornadic events from:

April 15, southeast Nebraska
May 5, Patricia, Texas
August 20, Bennett, CO (home!)
August 24, eastern SD cyclic tornadic supercell (BEST OF THE BEST!)
Sept 15, south central Nebraska

Many other events are covered, including a couple of VERY close lightning strikes, many hailstorms (including video of my window shattering out on June 14 in Montana), some great storm structure and a few cool time lapses. Almost all events shown on my 2006 chase accounts are on this production.

You can order it from or you can follow the link from my home web site at .

Roger Hill
Hi Roger,

I really enjoyed this DVD it was GREAT!

It is filled with tons of hail, storm structure, and has its share of tornadoes including the August 24 event which was crazy.

The intro is very creative and pretty funny.

I highly recommend this DVD!

Happy New York,
Michael O'Keeffe