In addition to model solution, look at model signal??

Greetings WX fans,
I downloaded Bufkit and started going through the Powerpoint presentation that comes with it (an AMS Short Course called "Sounding Analysis with BUFKIT" by Ed Mahoney). There is a slide called "Today's Workshop Approach" which a chart in the shape of a funnel (wide part at top, FORECAST at the bottom). The funnel shaped chart layers are labeled:

* Hemispheric Upper Air Pattern (ridge/trough)
* Synoptic Pattern sfc/aloft over Region
* Mesoscale Features
* Local Analysis
* Satellite, Radar & Spotters
* Forecast

On the lower right it says "In addition to model solution, look at model signal".

Can somebody explain that last bit to me?

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE