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Impressive nighttime waterspout in NE Italy, 8th Aug 2008

Hey all,

I wanted to share this incredible tornado/waterspout I've observed on Friday evening here close to my home. There was an impressive setup and severe storms with very large to giant hail plus tornadoes were expected over northern Italy and Slovenia. And we got them, numerous giant hail reports with 5-8cm in diameter for our region and at least two tornadoes/waterspouts.

I was chasing whole afternoon and evening, got some nice dents...but the most impressive thing came at the evening with discrete supercell along the bow echo on the cold front. Waterspout formed just in front of me, location 15km NW of Trieste near city Sistiana, which is a great observing point for storms, I love it for lightning photography as you're a bit elevated above the sea and can get 3D effects of lightning strikes many times.

Anyway, here are some shots of this beautiful nighttime tornado over water... finally I got a nice tube also here in Europe on local chasing terrain:)




More photos from that day and also damage photos can be found here: http://www.weather-photos.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=254

There were 2 deaths reported NW of this location along the coast in city Grado where numerous trees were down (those daytime images of damage) in camping area, fallen tree killed two tourists in the tent.

This chasing season 2008 is really incredible...with 10+ tornadoes in US during May and numerous great chasing days at home. Not to mention how nasty storms are this year in Slovenia and surrounding areas, major damage was done several times in the last 2 months. We never experienced something like this here, whole summer is like in the States with very high dewpoints (usually its quite normal) and numerous days with severe weather events.

Tornado? Check!
Night? Check!
Photogenic? Check!

Seriously, you should be marketing that photo. You don't get many photogenic tornadoes in Europe, let alone at night over a lake. Great shot!
Wow, now that is a great photo. Agreed with the above statement...that's a money shot.
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Wow, that is a really nice shot. Great catch! I am very happy the tornado was sighted by a chaser and not by accident from the general public.

Bill Hark
Dang, that's awesome, Marko! I'm jealous now too. Great vantage point and nice colors in your first shot. Yes, I agree you should market that shot... something like that is quite a rare find indeed.
Beautiful photography! Do you have anything comparable there to Storm Prediction Center forecasts and, if so, did they expect this? I just checked the calendar and 2009 chase season here is seven (7) long months away. Darn!
Dave, there is an equivalent to SPC outlooks for Europe. It is called Estofex.

Here is the link. As of a couple of days ago, they were predicting sever storms and tornadoes. Now, the are talking a tornado outbreak for today!!


Bill Hark
"The funnel cloud was observed.
Large funnel cloud was observed on the ground. Very serious damages. Source: TVN24 - news"

A storm report from the site you just provided above. Is there any radar out of those areas that anyone would know off hand?
Congratulations to you, Marko! Excellent job of being in the right place at the right time, and then taking being ready and able to capture the moment for posterity.

WONDERFUL! Thanks also for sharing it with us.
How wonderful!!

I bet your heart rate went up when you saw it starting to form, right over one of your local lightning photography spots.

That is just fantastic!

It is such a pretty tornado too. High on the beauty scale.