Images from post Ivan landfall

Thanks for the interesting pics Stuart!

Some very unique shots of some of the damage around the landfall area. It would be interesting to hear the story behind the explosive shell that was found... and I'm curious about the stuffed "body" pic on the beach!

Sure - We got a ride in a US Army Hummer (the power of the press pass) along to the remote area or Gulf Breeze - where we found some peaple who had returned to there houses - one of them mentioned that they had found something that we should look at! The shell was 75 yards from the beach and apparently still had the timing fuse fitted. We called in the device but were advised just to make the area safe and it would be delt with later - I also heard that this was not the only shell that was washed up along the coast line. Apparently the area was used for target pratcice from the Pensacola Navel base.

The bear was washed up on the beach and was I found it - did you notice the street sign that was moved from Pensacola beach to gulf breeze??
That was quite the trip for that sign! I imagine a good portion of the other debris in the pic was also part of the same load too..

I would also be interested to hear about any "lessons learned" from your chase experience.. will you be posting anything here about it later on?