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If you use an AirCard 580 for laptop data

Last week I received a postcard from my wireless carrier (Sprint) about an upgrade for my Sierra Wireless AirCard 580.

Go here they say:

Well, I did everything I was told to do. The new interface seemed a bit more style than substance. But then Opera would not work. Then IE. Other software started to freeze up in just a few hours.

You get the idea. The Registry was getting all messed up. A System Restore was not even an option. So I reload the OS.

It’s possible that something else was going on here, but…

Whatever this upgrade was (AC580SCM.msi) , it’s not ready for Prime Time.

I talked to a couple of Tier 2 Tech Support guys at Sprint. I had one open a Trouble Ticket. But more importantly I found out I could just create a generic dialup (#777) as a modem. I specifically asked them if this would keep me from EV-DO when available, and the answer was “noâ€￾.

The AirCard 580 is used for other carriers as well. Sprint hands off upgrades to their hardware providers.

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