Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
Originally posted by Shane Adams
Let's just throw EVERYONE out, apply the newly-adopted membership criteria, and start from scratch Laughing

That would, if anything else, eliminate the evil \"how many posts have you got?\" debacle.

I was actually thinking the same idea a couple days ago... :lol:

IMO, Its not that bad of an idea. We really should have started from scratch, completely removed the old database, and had everybody rejoin and start completely anew. It is somewhat of a 'wild' idea, and probably one that won't go too well with alot of other people... But, yet, still an idea!
I don't have a problem with it. But I'm sure reapplying / submitting is a bit of a pain and it would have to be an enormous task for the admins to rescreen and set everyone up from scratch. I doubt Tim has that time or desire.
... reminds me of the time some years ago when Warren Faidley solicited for a ride-along assistant. I jumped to apply and he sent a zillion-page application form worthy of the Peace Corps which asked for just about everything except the PIN codes for my ATM card.

I and over a hundred others sent it back. Apparently WF was so overwhelmed at the response that he never ended up picking anyone. :(

The moral of the story is: don't let the problem-solving process overwhelm the problem!
It was just done tongue-n-cheek. I don't think there's an absolute solution. The same thing ST strives for is the same thing that causes the problems. People tend to deteriorate in numbers, that's just human beings. People have self-awareness and minds that think for themselves. If we were all robots this would be easy stuff. But we're not.

This is a problem that was inevitable from the moment we started getting an influx of users. It happened on WX-CHASE, storm-chase, and it's going to happen to CFDG too if they continue to grow (though the constant extermination of personality on that list might very well keep it immune).

People want boards to grow, but growth can be the demise as well. It's a very amusing irony IMO. This problem isn't going to go away with a few keystrokes. It's not something any member should expect a moderator or administrator to solve with programming or options or secret lists. It's a problem each and every one of us has the power to influence by (1) ignoring it, (2) tolerating it, (3) trying to solve it, or (4) continuing to add to it.

For this forum to run smoothly without emotional turmoil, people will have to check their emotions at the door. I'm not willing to do that, not completely. I'm far more willing to sacrifice a little "quality control" in favor of emotional, entertaining posting. The complete lack of emotion, entertainment, and excitement is the exact reason scientific discussions bore me. It's like reading a journal or paper. There's tons of papers everywhere. When I'm corresponding with other human beings, I want a "hey how are ya?" once in a while, along with my case studies. I want a "man, this was awesome" served upside my helping of the latest tornadogenisis theory. I want character, I want color, I want smiles. I don't want rules, lecturing, and rulers across the knuckles for anything deemed not "substinent."

I will always take emotional clutter over quality, faceless doldrums anyday. So I guess I will probably fall into option #2
Well I have stayed out of this long enough. After having read everyones comments I am confused that such intelligent people want to be governed and have all levels of individuality screened and self edited with posts devoid of passion, emotion and grit.
We are all human beings. As such, we are all different in shape, experience, intellect, and belief structure. I have never seen a storm look or act the exact same way as another, why are some asking that every person who posts here conform to a boilerplate personality? Like the very objects we chase, variety is what keeps us coming back looking for more.
I can understand and accept that there is no place on this forum for political or religious debate as a main topic, but if someone can draw a comparison and express themselves using their personal belief structure, it should be tolerated. People express themselves and can get caught up in the moment in a discussion, especially if they are articulate, intelligent, and passionate about the varied subjects which have been broached on this forum.
It would serve all of us well to try and respect each other and our individual ideas rather than place filters, limit participation, and restrict the free flow of ideas, thoughts and concepts which again, are as varied as the very storms we all love to chase.
I am all for self filtering. If there is something written which does not interest you, ignore it and move on to the next subject. If you are responding to a hot issue, pause a moment, walk away from the computer, and give extra thought to your contribution before hitting the enter key.
I have a very high post factor in EE. That does not mean I am not interested in chasing, or have not chased, it is an indicator that during that particular sampling, there was an election, a war, a movie, and other hot button issues which I enjoyed very much debating with those who saw the same thing in a different light.
Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it, along with a very boring myopic and singular robotic viewpoint and never have an understanding for EVERYBODY and the multitude of personalities who share the same passion of chasing severe weather.

Thanks to everyone.
Yeah, Pat. Part of the value of the board comes from the mixing of the younguns and newbies with the older and veterans and seeing how they handle stuff. I'm pretty sure I flew at least once on SWA with you at the yoke. Good flight as usual. :wink:

What you said is pretty much right-on IMO. I'm reminded of a trip on a passenger ferry up the Jugoslav coast (before the Serbo-Croatian catastrophe), watching the deck hands. Three of them got into a "discussion" like you wouldn't believe, shaking their fists, yelling, stomping around till you thought they were going to fight a war then-and-there. Then the whistle blew calling them to action and they all roared with laughter and smiles and took up their deckhand thing together. Younguns take note.
Speaking of tongue-n-cheek stuff, here's mine:

The Four Horsemen of the Bulletin Board Apocalypse are:

1. The Conqueror : Defined as the point at which the Administrator actually awards the status of GoD to an individual whose only significant contribution to the forum was a chronic case of keyboard diarrhea.

2. War: The point at which the moderators have lost all control and the administrator has also lost interest in his own creation.
It is further exemplified by the Barbarians at the gate: Trolls and spammers whose only purpose is to annoy or to ruin another's good time.
One of the first signs of the prophesy coming to pass are when the html signatures and avatars continually dwarf and incite more intrigue than actual post content.

Sometimes however, war rides into the community as ego driven smear campaigns where intrigue and bitter infighting seeks nothing but to characterize and assassinate.

3. Famine: Interminable boredom.
The point at which there's nothing left to talk about.

Where anyone new who has a question about something is mercilessly flamed and directed to a post a year old, because the person who has the answer imagines that he is far too important to be bothered by such trivialities.

It is at this crossroad that the forum stops being a fun place for the dissemination of information and is transformed into a type of bulletin board Coliseum, where n00bs and heretics are thrown to the lions for the entertainment of that forum's embittered Royals.

The reason for this transformation is that the members are hungry.
They are hungry for topics of actual substance--- they want to have fun again.

But now there is so little subject matter of actual interest and such crappy moderation, that out of sheer apathy even respected members become cannibals and join in the frenzy of eating each other.

4. Death: It is the point where the forum or the site has not only lost its purpose and sense of direction, but it actually begins to rot from the inside.

While the old members have gotten used the stink, the new members are taken aback by it and driven out by its vapors.

Usually the only people who hold on to such a forum are the relatives in denial, who continually cling to the hope that a corpse already being devoured by immature l33t speaking rats, nerds, and anti-social maggots, will miraculously raise from the dead.

Good moderation can keep all these ominous things from coming to pass.
It is the job of an administrator and his moderators to effectively deal with such predators quickly and mercilessly.
It is also their duty to pretty much leave the rest of the membership the hell alone.
In other words, the less rules the better.

But since we live in a litigious society, there are those who because of youth or societal inexperience lack common sense or in any case like to push the limits of it.

No, I didn't actually write it. A friend of mine wrote it, then it got published all over the place by people who actually implemented it into their forum communities (not saying we should do it here).
The best way to eliminate the "how many posts" issue is just for Tim V to turn off displaying post counts in the threads. Simple as that. Next issue?
Guys, you all have good ideas and points, but I don't think they are trying to make us have emotionless, robot, posts that are all the same because of conformity. To sum it up: 1) I think they first want to keep all contributors chasers, severe mets (particularly that chase), and possibly people interested in becoming chasers. They want to keep the core of Stormtrack about chasing. 2) They want people to contribute 'quality' posts to the chasing sections. 3) They want people to discuss, debate, inform, and present, but they want everyone to do it respectfully without name calling, flaming, or just being annoying.

I think that's pretty much it. Do you agree?
Originally posted by Bill Tabor
I think that's pretty much it. Do you agree?
I agree, Bill. But I think it will only work if a handful of people work on controlling their egos. All of this, "you're not a real chaser because you can't forecast" and "i am teh l337 ch453r cuz i bagged more naders than u" stuff is only fueling the fire that burned us into the corner we now find ourselves in.

This is a great community. It can continue to thrive and even improve with EVERYBODY who is here. But we all have to accept that we are one-thousand very different people with one-thousand different backgrounds, educations, and experience levels. All this manhood measuring is pointless.