Hurricane Rita Out Takes


Just going through the Rita footage for a client who wants to see all the footage from this hurricane season and found this little gem.

I was interviewing people the day before the storm about what their plans were and if they were staying and why or if they were leaving.

This guy had other plans and did not care about the storm, he had other plans... WMV file, 3.17 Megs the will make you shake your head and say only in Key West...
Drugs are bad, MmmKay

Rita Why Did You Go Away

I will never forget hurricane Rita this was supposed to be our big chance, both my chase partner and I watched in anticipation as the original forecast trak brought Rita on a path north west right through central north Texas. Then as it got closer the NHC models changed and daily pushed it further and further east of us. (ouch) we didn't even get a drop of rain from then TS Rita over Denton County. At least I got some shots of the outer bands and some 50 mph tropical storm force winds.