Hurricane Jeanne Interception Complete

Hello eveyone,

It has been about a week of editing and image manipulation following my fifth tropical cyclone intercept in the state of Florida this year - Jeanne!!

This storm, hurricane Jeanne, was only a week after chasing hurricane Ivan (Pensacola, FL), and three weeks after chasing Frances, which hit the exact same place (Fort Pierce, FL) Jeanne did!

Jeanne packed sustained 120 MPH winds, and I rode it out in Fort Pierce, FL with fellow chasers Jeff Gammons, Doug Kiesling (BNVN), Jason Foster, and Jim Edds - What a chase (to add to an already crazy hurricane season)!

All details can be found at the link above for this additional and exciting hurricane chase. Below are some "teaser" pictures for your review.


Hurricane forced winds over 100-MPH blowing through a space in the parking garage - Wind-tunnel anyone?


This is the street in front of the Fort Pierce hotal along Indian River Drive in downtown Fort Pierce, FL - Anyone got Wet-Vac?


Here is a power flash from inside the hurricane forced wind field of Jeanne - Welding googles anyone?


The remnants of a mobile home in Fort Pierce - Insurance anyone?

Hope you enjoy this update - Take care all!

Chris Collura - KG4PJN