Hurricane Ivan Tornado

Wouldja look at that. A large tornado hitting a good populated area. It reminds me of the Nashville (1997?) tornado, as that one had shots from the tower cam as well, however that one was much bigger. When I saw footage of that one it looked like it was swallowing up Nashville.
That's some pretty great video! Although I think I would've been in the hallway a bit sooner than that! *LOL*

Wow, good stuff there!
That is alot like the one that hit nashville. I remember watching it at the time it was all going down, and it was pretty crazy. It acutally made a direct hit on the station in Nashville, however, it was off the air for about 6 hours.
That was incredible. Those guys were lucky debris didn't fly through the windows. But wow!

To me this looks to be a camera on the top of a building somewhere in Panama City that is controlled remotely (i.e. via the internet). The computer science department here at UNC has some cameras exactly like this on top of some of the taller buildings here at the university. You can tell it's not human controlled because of how slowly and uniformly it pans as well, and towards the end there's a white pole and you can see a blinking red light (like the type they put on tall structures).
You should give the clip another listen; the newscaster corrects himself and mentions "transformers popping..." as well. I'm sure he was quite excited; when the brain is racing like that it would be easy to interpret a flash as lightening. There was also a short power outage in the middle of the clip.... you can clearly see it and the speaker mentions it.
Tornadoes in Hurricanes really aren't all that strong. F-1 is common, and a good thing is they are short lived. They come down and shoot up quickly, the big problem is they have so many.