Hurricane Ivan - Live webcam and weather station

Sam Jowett

Hi all,

Stuart Robinson (who some of you may know) has flown out from the UK to taste Ivans wrath when he makes landfall. He's taken with him a weather station that he half expects to get written off and a webcam, with the plan that he can feed back live data from the hurricane. It'll be dependent on power (though they'll have an invertor running off the engine at times) and internet connectivity (landline, via mobile etc). Hopefully they can feed back some useful readings and information.

It's all viewable at

Stay safe guys and anyone else that happens to be in the path when he comes ashore.
Stu and Jim are currently still in Tampa, FL, but plan to take up position between Mobile, AL and Panama City, FL during Tuesday, according to how the latest forecast tracks look. This is why the output from the weather station and webcam are a little *odd*. I shall update you all when the rig gets mounted on to their vehicle and starts recording more useful data...
Certainly hope so Bob... they are apparently hoping to meet up with Roger Hill and Dan Robinson tomorrow...

Stu and Jim are now en route to either Mobile or Pensacola and will settle in an appropriate building that is well above the potential storm surge and can survive the winds. The webcam and weather station are curerntly running live on top of the vehicle, hence the wind speed recordings of 60mph! ;)
Actually, scratch the comment about Dan, I see he's decided not to make the trip...
Well the planned streaming of the we cam did not go quite according to plan - Firstly I struggled to mount the anemometer is a position that it could get a clear airflow - and was still in range of the wireless transmitter.

Next the Anemometer got a cup knock off it then the web cam failed (too much water injest) - however for what it was worth I was able to report back SL pressure - I recored 953mb @ 04:30 - this was the time that that the eye was closest to our location in Mobile , AL

I will have a re think and re try agian in the future.

GPRS comms on my UK cell phone worked 100% - but I expect that I was lucky in this respect.