Hot Pixels?

Are hot pixels serious? I had my Canon Digital Rebel for just over a year now, and last night I've noticed red spots on my photos such as this (there is a photo in there called HotPixels.JPG

They are there on my photos from May 29th when I was shooting lightning in Kansas as well, but I never noticed them until I looked just before posting this. They seem to be in the same spot on my long exposure photos.

Do I have to send in the camera for repair (which I really dread) or should I not worry about it? I know there are ways to block them out in photo painting programs such as Photoshop, but I've only had the camera for a year and I learned that hot pixels seem to get worse with age.

Any help is appreciated.

(Edited to fix link - sorry about that)
Hey Mike... thanks for the tip. I fixed the link to go to my temp directory and there is a picture in there you can click on... I didn't want to resize it because resizing the photo will eliminate the hot pixels. I guess I don't have much to worry about, I just wanted to make sure nothing was really wrong with the camera.

How does the Rebel XT compare to the first Rebel?
I have plenty of hot pixels on my 10D, but they are only an issue during really long exposures. I think you just have to deal with them. Canon won't fix the problem unless the amount of hot pixels exceeds a certain criteria (I'm not sure what that number is).
Seems within spec to me. You can try turning on long exposure reduction which takes a dark frame then substracts the noise from the image. I leave that off on my 20D, however. It is just easier to clone out any critical points in PS. Keep in mind noise is controlled by two factors: ISO and temperature. The higher the ISO and temperature, the more noise you'll see. Try shooting a starry sky shot in the winter when temps are ~0 @ ISO100. Even on my old D30, I had little noise for exposures out to 30 seconds.