Hole Punch Clouds this AM - Sat Images Needed!

Does anyone have access to (or could point me toward) some hi-res visible satellite images from this morning around 13-15Z for the plains states (specifically, Northeast Kansas)?

A student brought in some beautiful photos of some hole punch clouds and I'd love to see how they correlate (if at all) to visible satellite imagery.

NCAR archives back to 5 days I believe. Just select visible, then the date and time in UTC, then single image or loop. On top of map, select large image and then select your desired location. It's not exactly high resolution, but it might work for you.

Here is the link
Thanks for the link. I've been trying that source (UCAR) for about 24 hours but to no avail - they seem to not have the images for the timeframe I'm looking for.

I'm hoping the photos get emailed to me tonight (I'll post them when they do) and I'd love to correlate them with satellite images.

Does anyone have any other good satellite archive sources? Thanks.
If you feel lucky check MODIS archive, they have very high resolution images from two polar orbit satellites but it generally takes many days between satellite being in right place at right time for getting good shot...

Coincidentally they took image nearly at best moment of thunderstorm two years ago. (now if anyone knows satellite images of same area from 26th of June 2000 there was one little cloud dropping some heavier rain, largest found hail was ~7.5cm/3" despite it bombarded mostly forest)