History Channel's Tactical vs. Practical does chaser segment

History Channels Tactical to Practical just did a nice segment on chasing.

Started off with Ben Franklin pioneering forecasting, then went to a couple of USAF forcasters predicting tornados, then to chasers.

They started by saying that some chasers do it just for the thrill, but I was glad to see they said that the majority do it for the science.

Mr. Glaskin and Mr. Thalke (I think thats it) from nebraska talked about how they do it for the fun of forcasting and then seeing if it pans out. They did an excellent job of describing that one of the main goals is to help Civil Defense and the NWS is they're warnings and understanding of tornados.

It was only about five minutes, but I was glad to see that they focused on the "doing it for science and public safety" side of things instead of the "they're just thrillseekers" view.

Good five minute segment.

Seven waves out of seven.

I don't think a majority of chasers do it just for science. I believe most chase just because it's their hobby, that's what they wanna do in their spare time... to capture storms on film and video... to just see those things happen. Only a few I know do it for science, but a majority of us are just hobbyists looking to get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.