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Highway & Road Reports

The intent here is to provide an area where information can be located to find out where to get current Highway and Road information, reports from news sources and actual observations.

Please state where you received your information from.

Louisiana Department of Transportation - Hasn't been updated much, but does include some useful info

Mississippi Department of Transportation - Travel Info, Press Releases etc.

Alabama Department of Transportation - Emergency Road Closures
MDOT advisories - open roads

From WDSU 6 news

The Mississippi Department of Transportation said Thursday that the following roads are open to the public:

* Interstate 55 from Louisiana to Tennessee.
* Interstate 20 from Louisiana to Alabama.
* Interstate 59 from Alabama to Laurel.
* U.S. 61 from Louisiana to Tennessee.
* U.S. 49 from Seminary to Jackson.
* U.S. 98 from Bude to Columbia.
* U.S. 84 from Natchez to Prentiss.
* Mississippi 24 from Woodville to McComb.
* Mississippi 48 from Centreville to Tylertown.
* Mississippi 13 in Smith County only.
* Mississippi 18 from Puckett to Bay Springs.
* Mississippi 35 from Raleigh to Columbia.
* Mississippi 28 from Magee to Taylorsville.
* Mississippi 469 in Florence to Mississippi 28.
* Mississippi 13 from Pinola to Puckett.
* Mississippi 13 from Prentiss to Columbia.
* Mississippi 541 from Magee to Puckett.
* Mississippi 44 from Columbia to Sumrall.
* Mississippi 44 from McComb to Mississippi 583.

MDOT officials said motorist should not travel on any highways other than the ones listed because of excessive debris and downed power lines.
MDOT advisories - roads closed due to search and rescue

From WDSU 6 news

Roads closed due to search and rescue efforts:

* I-10 from Louisiana to Alabama.
* U.S. 90 from Louisiana to Alabama.
* I-110 from I-10 to U.S. 90.
* Mississippi 605 from I-10 to U.S. 90.
* U.S. 49 from Seminary to Gulfport.
* I-59 from Laurel to Louisiana.
* Mississippi 63 from U.S. 98 in Lucedale to I-10 in Moss Point.
* Mississippi 607 from I-10 to Stennis Space Center.
* U.S. 84 from Prentiss to Waynesboro.
* U.S. 98 from Mobile to Hattiesburg.
* Mississippi 43 from U.S. 90 to I-10.
* Mississippi 57 from U.S. 90 to I-10.
* U.S. 45 from Meridian to Enterprise.
* Mississippi 609 from I-10 to U.S. 90.

MDOT officials recommend motorists avoid these areas so that search and rescue efforts can be performed. Sightseers are highly discouraged at this time. Motorists will be asked to show emergency personnel identification in order to access these roads.[/url]