High Pressure Mamma

Ive never seen mammatus under a strong upper ridge in Nov before, til this eve. Per DEN sounding, lapse rates were ~8.5 deg C/km, pretty unstable! The atmosphere never ceases to amaze! Pikes Peak is at bottom left.


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Beutifull picture Stan! I just came from the pikes peak region last weekend after I watched my brothers home coming ceremony at Fort Carson and the weather was beutifull! I saw a rainbow and asome sunset in Nebraska saturday on my way home. I love the plains.
Very nice pic Stan! I got several yesterday evening as well and I thought to myself, what the hey, that is mamatus!

What caused such an orange coloration to the clouds? It looked like the sun was reflecting off the bottom of the cloud structure, ie the mamatus. Colorado weather and everything else never ceases to amaze me,
Up here near Denver, we had some really nice mountain wave activity...