HELP: Video Recommendations for Grade School

Jun 15, 2005
Chesterfield, MO
My mother wishes to do a whole science topic upon meteorology, lightning especially because it is the more common occurrance at this time within the Northeast.

Most of my videos are outdated maybe aside from "Sky on Fire" by TWC. Othervideos consist of Dateline specials and 1980 commercials, even old TWC graphics that make me laugh!

I was curious if anyone happened to have any recommendations for educational videos for the classroom on any topic of meteorology. It can be anything.

Raging Planet series by The Discovery Channel?
PBS Specials like NOVA and Frontline?
World Almanac Series?
IMAX Stormchaser movie?

NOTE: I looked deep into the archives with little success, and I've done a bunch of my own research, but I value opinions as well, especially from those within and/or having a love of the same field as myself.
Benjamin, what grade level does your mother teach? That would make a difference in recommendations.

Some channels like Discovery have programs specially edited for use in the classroom (no commercials, etc.) that air early in the morning. Check some of the online programming guides. There is sure to be some hurricane programming this month.
Some well known Television corporations, offer video marketing, to educational schools, and I think you could get some from NGC. It really depends on what grade/class level your mom is teaching, as noted above.
We're talking 5th grade here ...

I know all that cable in the classroom stuff is interesting and all, but I guess I'm opting for something that is more in my control, like I can view and critique the videos.

Anyway, just stumbled on some more movies from the days of moving in a box never opened ... found some old TWC ones and "Storm of the Century" from National Geographic talking about the major storms of the 90's, like the ice storm and the 1996 Superstorm ...
As far as pure tornado videos, the Tornado Video Classic series of videos would be hard to beat. I know many school libraries stock them. They are available at

As far as other weather related stuff, I am afraid I can't be of much assistance.
I have actually shown the tornado project series to both 4-5th graders and 7th-8th graders. The younger ones were pretty pumped about it and had plenty of questions.... the older kids got bored pronto ;) other than the few true wx weenies.