Ham radios

Ray Walker

Hey I was wondering what would be a good website to find nice ham radios for sell but for a resonable price?
Im looking for a site to buy from. Im wanting to find a mobile mount ham for around $150.00
I'm reading the 2006 ARRL book now, so hopefully soon I'll be buying me a ham radio ..
My vote is for AES. The service there is very good. They are very prompt at answering e-mails and phone calls, and are very friendly. Universal does have a better website though, so I'll usually check out specs and compare prices on that website before I place an order with AES.
I like HRO also...

www.hamradio.com is an excellent source! They have a shop locally here in Denver, so I've had first hand experience with these guys! Great prices, too!

I have spent a lot of money with HRO in support of my hospital network and had outstanding response and support from them. Their prices are in step with the other 'new in the box' dealers and shipping is usually included at no or little additional cost.

EBAY has some good deals also if you know what you are looking for.

In the price range you are looking at, I would reccommend the single band (2 meters) Kenwood TM-271. I have two of them.

I also have 6 Yaesu FT-1500's that I like extremly well because of their mini-din connectors for digital use and tough construction. unfortunely they are no longer in production. We are buying them on EBAY as available.

Why so many? I have to monitor a thirteen hospital network and two repeaters in central Texas and also support Echolink connections to FTW NWS.

FYI... Two meters will allow you to contact MOST of the repeaters in use in the outlaying areas, the metropolitian areas will probably require a dual bander at about twice the price range you are looking at. My preference on a dual bander is the ICOM 2720. I have 25 of them installed or in support of the hospital network...
I've never bought a radio from here, but QRZ.com has a swapmeet. I check it every now and then for a good 2m/70cm. Then I look at the bank account when I find one and it has nothing in it.

Try www.qrz.com

Try www.qrz.com and go to the swapmeet section. I sold a dual-band Yaesu FT-7800R there for $150 last week.
I have got a Yaeseu FT-840 is it anygood ? Looking to get the liscense and antenna and this thread has been very helpfull.
Technician is a pretty easy license to get. There is a pool that they use to draw the questions from for each test. The pool is valid for a few years. There are backs out there that have everything you need to know, plus all the possible questions they could ask. I bought a book, studied for about a month, and passed the exam with flying colors.

For Technician, most of your questions will deal with FCC rules, the "band plan," and some simple electrical diagrams/physics things (nothing I didn't see in high school).