Grlevel3 Question(s)

1) Are there any quality nation wide road shape or place files for Grlevel3 that are better than the basemap?

2) During the trial can you upgrade with newer versions of Grlevel3 to see the new features or do you have to purchase to get those?

3) Can you install new basemap, shapefile, placefile, or markers, etc with the trial version?

1) Yes, you can add in the shapefiles (which is an intitial pain in the ass but well worth it) and have street level mapping!

2) I might be incorrect, but I think the trial is fully functional.

3) I don't know this, so I won't try and answer. :)
On the GR3 page, there's a download for GR3 update. I *think* this includes the latest beta build that have previously been available only to owners.

Like David said, I think the trial version is a full-featured version, so you should be able to add a new basemap, all the placefiles you want (I have several free ones at ), and so forth.

EDIT: I just downloaded the "trial version" (old hard drive on my laptop crashed, so I'm reinstalling everything from scratch), and it does appear to be full-featured (with GPS support, smooth zooming, etc).

There are many sources for info on GRx... For example, try
Would have been nice if a GR rep was at the Storm Convention.... other wx program reps were there.
GR has got a great product.
OK. Not sure which of those I'll make, but appreciate the info.
Love to use GR 2 AE in the field more but downloads are too big. Be nice to limit some of the scanning so the downloading doesn't take so long.