GR2 Analyst Edition


Mar 1, 2004
Lansing, MI
GRLevel2 Analyst Edition is an advanced Nexrad Level II analysis application. It features a high quality volumetric display and several high resolution reflectivity-derived graphical products in addition to the standard Level II data products.
This was mainly produced for research or essentially looking at past radar data to look at storm formations/types. But, it has turned into a tool that many want to use for live storms, etc. It is indeed a great tool and I'm sure many of the researchers and even the regular ol' storm chaser will enjoy.
Not this one, that was the original L2 viewer (which is still available and notably cheaper.) L2 data became completely free (thanks to a university) last month and that made live L2 data an operational tool for all...
I wonder how many storm chasers actually know what Shader Model 2.0 is or what to do to fix the problem. ;)

I tried it out and it's really a sweet program. I can't even start to think of all the work Mike had to do to make it. I have a hard time paying $250 for it. Although it's worth it, I think GrLevel3 does what 90% of chasers need. At least it does what I need.
I have no clue but if it would get the program to work I'm all ears :)

This ( Wikipedia does a pretty good way of explaining it. Better then I could. ;) It's basically a hardware level, graphics improver. :p I guess you could call it.

Hardware level, meaning no software upgrade will help you. Luckily, hardware with Shader Model 2.0+ has gotten pretty cheap recently. I'd suggest an Nvidia GeForce 6200. You can find one for about $50. If this program doesn't already work on your laptop, you're out of luck. Since you can't upgrade a laptop's graphics card.
"I think GrLevel3 does what 90% of chasers need"

Sure, but L2 helps that 10% do even more with the radar data ;> Hail prediction becomes notably easier when you watch the hail core rise up and start to make its way back down. Tornado "fingers" are another big plus in the rotation side. And there's much more fun coming...