Gotta Love Texas

I didn't see the rules for the reports section so to be safe im posting here and see if a mod wants to move it.

We were hanging out most of the afternoon on saturday watching the squall line build from the Dallas area down to just west of San Antonio. After watching a few get some nice height to them we headed in to gaze at GR and hope for the best. Wouldnt you know it just west of Austin we had a nice cell blow up straight to 60,000ft with mid-level rotation so we bailed. I took the south end of the path and had some nice views. The storm dropped some nice rain an some small hail but it was enough to get the blood going. Feel free to comment on the photos, i'm still a rookie.

ya, nice shots. I was watching it build up from close to my house in Leander. From the north the rain bands looked heavy round 5:30ish i believe. have to look at the time stamp on the pics. Might be able to post some.

here's when it was first organizing/passing over me

very cool, we weren't even intrested in it until it dropped a TVS then it was like a mad house trying to get out into position.