Good deal on CD deck receiver

Just wanted to let you all know that if you are interested in getting a CD deck receiver with an aux input, Best Buy is clearing out their cheap Aiwa systems. There are some pretty good discounts right now. I got a 54 watt system with harness and installation kit for $110.

The front aux input on this system is my latest compliment to my chase arsenal. I can plug the laptop into it so Delorme's and Netstumbler's text to speech comes out loud clear, or plug my ham and other radios into it, or just use it as an MP3 player for the long drives.

If you are interested, hurry on over there. Best Buy's website says they are already sold out and I bet the stores will only have them for another week or so. (Watch as they release an even cheaper unit now hehe).
I have this radio installed in my PT Cruiser, and it has a lot of features for the price. I use it with my iPod all the time; since I rip all my songs in a lossless codec, the audio is crystal-clear. It has plenty of power to really blast the music, too. I love this radio.