GOES-U Launch

Mar 30, 2008
Norman, OK
Had an opportunity to head to Florida this week for the GOES-U launch atop the Falcon Heavy rocket. Last of the GOES-R series satellites (4 of them, 1 of them had issues, 1 backup, 2 operational) to be launched. The impact of the 1 minute update mesoscale sectors has been enormous from tropical to convective severe weather to other stuff I'm sure I don't care about like snow and fires.

Anyway, I viewed the launch from the Banana river bridge on FL-528 from the Cape. I was 14 miles from the launch and 7 from the landing. Watching a unison dual Falcon9 booster landing was a sight that each and every one of you should experience for yourself! I still don't believe my eyes.

Ben It looks to be non crowded from one pic. Was that the case? I went down for the 1st Artismis heavy launch last Aug. and after a week of two non-launches had to leave without one. It was crowded everywhere. I would like to experience a bucket list heavy like you did.