Glass safety laminate

Dan Robinson

I was looking for some things to add additional security to my car, and found something called 'safety laminate', which can be applied to your car windows to make them highly resistant to break-ins. Downside is it is expensive, $800 to $1000 per car. This might also have some hail protection applications, not so much keeping the glass from breaking, but keeping the windows intact and therefore protecting occupants, gear and the interior from flying glass and rain. Has anyone tried this?
I almost became a vendor for the stuff. The biggest problem is it is high priced and would sell to a limited market. The film is very effective and will even stop bullets but for $800 imagine the hail guard you could make to protect the entire vehicle. Another downside is the film doesn't make the glass less breakable it just holds it together until you can have it replaced. Several vehicles are offering this from the factory such as the 06 Impala. The main problem is next time you get into severe hail you lose all your windows plus have to pay an additional $800-$1000 to replace the film. If someone were to bring an Impala (just and example) into my shop with all the windows busted out I would replace them all for about $1200 (depending on options). So in other words you would be paying almost as much for the film as the glass when you could easily make a lightweight, strong hail guard for far less and be able to save the glass/body from damage all together.

The film is an excellent option for law enforcement vehicles, political powers or anyone else worried about being shot. The product is really selling good in South America were kidnappings have become a major problem. Many of the wealthy families are having the film put on the windows as well as kevlar with plates of steel in the doors and trunk. The application is very practical in those countries were kidnapping is a source of employment.