Getting a real rain gauge

Dec 4, 2003
Does anyone sell good non-electronic rain gauges anymore? All I'm finding are:

a. Plastic garden gauges
b. Cheap rain gauges that are really a vehicle for artsy "antique" designs
c. Electronic gauges

Whatever happened to the large bucket and inside funnel/tube gauges, with wooden stick? Or at least the plastic version with markings every 0.01"? I'm poking around on eBay but it's a mess there as everyone and their dog is selling the cheap plastic garden gauges.

Ever hear of these guys?

I was sick of my tipping guage, its terribly inaccurate, so I went with the plastic guage all the way to the right. Despite being plastic its not a cheapo garden rain guage. It has a 4" diameter opening, measures down to .01" and can hold up to 11" in the overflow container.

I really wanted the big metal container but it costs 10x more than the plastic one. I suppose having an 8" opening over 4" is better, but its a huge improvement from my tipping bucket.

In the winter I take out the funnel and collection tube to measure snowfall. Actually, I melt the snow and measure the liquid. I measure the snow depth seperately on a snow board.
CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow Network) sells/provides rain gauges for all of its volunteers. It is a plastic gauge with a 4" opening and is calibrated every .01. The website for this is (hopefully the link works). I know there are a few volunteers in Texas now. Not sure if this helps or not. Good luck!