Full GEMPAK (SPC -- N-AWIPS) computer system for sale

I still need to get rid of the GEMPAK system I got installed for me last year to pay for some stuff. I paid $500 to get the software (and Linux) professionally installed onto a $600 computer (tower + monitor) -- so the total worth value for everything is officially $1,100.00. GEMPAK -- or N-AWIPS -- is a professional forecasting software and is used operationally and was developed by the Storm Prediction Center.

It's basically one-step down from AWIPS, which is used operationally in every NWS office (which will never be made available to the public). Data feed comes from an internet connection. The N-SHARP program is the most powerful and coolest skew-t software on the planet. You can modify both the thermodynamic and kinematic structure of the atmosphere -- at any level you like. You can also use any parcel you'd like (surface-based / 100mb mean layer / most unstable in the lowest 300mb or user-defined) to compute different low-level thermodynamics -- i.e. LCL / LFC -- and parameters such as CINH, CAPE, etc. You can modify the kinematic structure to generate your own hodograph as well (obviously excellent when having to modify low-level wind structure to represent a nearby area that didn't have a sounding).

The package comes with the full computer (monitor + tower + keyboard + mouse) with Linux / GEMPAK already installed and ready to go as soon as you plug your computer in! I need the money ASAP, so I'll sell it for $450 OBO (this is a +$1,100 value). PM me.
I still need to sell this system and ASAP. I still need the extra money! I'd be willing to sell the whole system for $300... PM me with any questions you've got.
Nick, what are the specs on the machine? I'd venture to say that you could sell it on eBay (unless you had an unfortunate incident on eBay, much like myself).
NOTICE: This item is STILL for sale (for the same price of $300). If anyone is interested, just PM me.

I had an offer a couple of weeks ago, and I was told the money order was being sent, but I have yet to recieve it. Ergo, it's still for sale.