Fuji Cameras

Has anyone here used a Fuji Finepix 2650 camera? I've had one since May without problems until recently. It's not focusing when I zoom.
Check your manual

You may want to dig out your owner's manual. This is a "point and shoot" camera, which means you can point your camera and it will automatically take care of the focus. Somewhere you must've changed your camera settings from Auto to Manual.

I have a video camera that had the same problems when I was storm chasing. Every time I pointed my camera to the sky and clouds, it would go whacko trying to focus. I checked the manual and found out how I can set it for manual focus.

Sounds like your problem is the exact opposite of mine. Check it out!!

Thanks! LJK.
by the way

that camera is on clearance at Radio Shack for...

$49 bucks

got one last week.

limited supplies, of course.

Get Another Camera!

If Shawn was correct, that particular camera brand may be on its way out. You can either try to get another of the same model on clearance at a Radio Shack store. Or break your piggy bank and invest in a newer one. Sorry I couldn't help. :( LJK.
follow up

I recently toured a home (for purchase) and took the camera with me. While my wife and the realtor talked... I walked through the house snapping pictures. Some were blurry and I noticed that if there were nearby objects just off from the focal point, the image was blurry.

Example.. I shot a bedroom but stood in the bathroom to do it, which meant the door frame was just on the very edge of the image, but on both attempts, it was blurry.

Maybe that helps? Maybe not?