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FS/GI: Ham gear, weather station, and more

Jason Foster

OK...time to see if I can sell of some of my stuff. This is in part all the stuff I want to sell, but some stuff I'm not 100% committed to sell, just gauging interest (GI). Looking for money for my business/chasing expenses/equipment. I'm selling tons of stuff....but this seems the most appropriate (and allowed) here on ST.

GI = $ 300 Davis Vantage Pro (version I) Weather Station (temp/dew pt/wind/rain)
GI = $ 175 Davis Weather Monitor II (temp/wind no dew pt or rain)

GI = $ 250 Yaesu FT-7800 dual band mobile rig with separation kit (actually just bought this from a fellow ST member...brand new when I got it, only used a little by me.
GI = $ 50 Diamond SG-7900 high gain 2m/70cm vert. antenna (sold only if mobile rig goes)
GI = $ 175 Icom W32 dual band HT

GI = $ 225 Canon XT DSLR camera (body only) $275 w/ 28-80 lens with polarizer filter. Camera needs a sensor cleaning (a DIY job) and lens isn't is perfect shape (but is 100% functional). You've seen what I can shoot with it via the contest threads.

FS = $ 400 Kenwood TS-440s HF rig
FS = $ 200 Kenwood TS-711a VHF all-mode (aka SSB) fully operationa, but below spec output. Matching rig to the TS-440s
FS = $ 100 Kenwood SP-430 matching extension speaker for above radios

FS = $90 Pyramid Power Supply 30amp - solid state
FS = $75 Pyramid Power Supply 20amp - solid state

I've also got some skywarn and weather related patches, stickers, etc. which once I locate I'll post pictures in a follow-up post.

PM me with offers. Prices are negiotable in some cases, but not all. I have not researched prices for everything...so some may be high, some may be low. I just listed what I wanted based on my investment and need (and personal valuation).

Obviously, buy more and save more.

Shipping would be extra of course.

I can accept credit card payments.
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