FS: Canon 20D + 17-40mm f/4L + lots of extras

Mar 29, 2004
Fort Worth, Tx
Time has come and I have decided to upgrade my equipment into the realm of full frame digital. For this reason I am going to unload my Canon 20D and all accessories. The following is what I have forsale:

Canon 20D w/ original box, packing material, and manuals
-camera is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear and tear. The rear LCD only has very very minor surface scratches which in no way obstruct use. Slight ware on base from contact with vertical grip.
Canon BG-E2 Vertical Grip for Canon 20D* w/ original box and packing material
*the grip was sent back to Canon in late 2009 and recall fix was performed
(google Canon + BG-E2 + recall for more info)
Canon BP-511 battery (x2)
Canon EF-S 18-55mm w/ lens hood
Canon 17-40mm f/4L w/ lens hood, original box, and packing material
-this lens is in MINT condition. Only selling to upgrade to 16-35mm f/2.8L
Camera Armour
-rugged rubber “caseâ€￾ for Canon 20D and Canon vertical grip and rear screen plastic protector.
Compact Flash cards (x4) – 2gb 133x, 2gb 80x, 1gb 80x, and 1gb 45x
-have never had a bad photo EVER and always formatted between uses. I would keep them if I didn’t need faster cards for the next camera.
Lumedyne Op/Tech Strap
SanDisk Card Reader
Gepe Card Safe

For everything: $1300

For everything BUT the Canon 17-40mm f/4L: $650

Both of these prices include insured shipping.

Cash or USPS money order is preferred although Paypal will be considered.

Feel free to PM or email me with questions at butler.graham (at) gmail dot com.



Sample Photograph taken with this Canon 20D + 17-40mm f/4L



Photos of equipment for sale:


http://www.darkskyproductions.com/20d/20D head on.JPG
http://www.darkskyproductions.com/20d/20D inside.JPG
http://www.darkskyproductions.com/20d/20D LCD.JPG

Vertical Grip:

Batteries and charger:

Canon 18-55mm

Canon 17-40mm f/4L
http://www.darkskyproductions.com/20d/17-40L top.JPG

Carmera Armour:

Card Reader:
http://www.darkskyproductions.com/20d/card reader.JPG

Case and Cards:
I'll vouch for Graham. He was my chase partner for quite some time before moving on to his career in Ft. Worth. As honest of a guy as you can meet and is incredibly picky about his gear and how it's handled and taken care of. You won't be disappointed in the condition of this gear!
I may possibly looking for the L series lens you got. I'm still trying to get into a 5D, and trying to see what my best lens options are with what I got. I'm in no rush though....just putting the post in to say you have one possible interested party.
I forgot I also have the cable remote switch. It is in mint condition and comes with the orig box. I will include this for the initial price listed above.

Is your paypal set-up to accept Credit Cards too? I forget if that's automatic. I have a business account which might have different rules.

How long have you owned the lens? Did you buy it new?
Not sure about paypal but I don't think I can take credit cards. I bought the lens new in 2006 iirc. I have literally babied it and is a great lens.

paypal will accept credit card payments regardless of the type of account (personal or business).
Cool. Yeah...I might go for just the L series lens as mentioned. It's hard to say when I'd go for it. Money is crazy. I was ready to go on some stuff, then BAM....hot water heater goes...That was $1300 in replacement/repairs (gotta love DC labor rates, government fees, etc.). Luckily I think I won't be missing much with this next system. Mostly another rain event for us.