"Forces of Nature" party : Sioux Falls, SD

Jun 16, 2004
Minneapolis, MN
There will be a grand opening of the Forces of Nature video at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls tomorrow (Oct. 2) from 12-4. More information can be found at http://www.washingtonpavilion.org/CineDome...cesOfNature.cfm

Some quotes:

The event features games for children, hands-on science and art activities, storm chasing video from Keloland TV, and severe weather information from KELO AM 1320 AM's Weather Eye and National Weather Service personnel.
...and a tornado outbreak filmed in northeast South Dakota.

Sounds like a fun shin-dig.
Just saw it Friday. If you've ever seen a tornado video, the tornado segment won't impress you much. The volcano section, though, really stole the show for me. I was VERY impressed by the volcano footage, especially since it was IMAX. The earthquake part was rather mundane as well. Definately worth viewing for the volcano portion, though.

The chaser interviewed for the tornado segment was Dr. Josh Wurman (sp?) of OU. Nice video of one of the DOW trucks getting stuck.

Stay through the credits for a very funny short storm chaser video.
On the 28th of September, I was invited to view Forces of Nature in a special sneak preview (The movie came out on Oct. 2nd).

I really liked the movie, the Volcano part was amazing indeed, the earthquake part OK. But what about the tornado part? It wasn't too bad...

First of all, it was way too short. Apparently these guys were in Tornado Alley for quite some time and all they got is that footage?

But all in all, it was still pretty interesting, I must say that it's quite impressive to see tornadoes on a huge screen like that!!!