For those of us who enjoy wardriving

Makes ya wonder if it blocks wifi signal how much other EM stuff it blocks out... I know there has been concern with living near high tension lines or transformer stations... perhaps this would protect you from that radation?

I have read that there are plans to put this wallpaper in movie theaters to stop people from using their cellphones in there — about time, I say.

I can't see that being entirely usefull by itself. What about your windows? Doorways? Of course, you could do things with those too. If you're that paranoid, use a VPN solution in combo with appropriate encryption.

Having said that, some of the other uses for the wallpaper might be valid enough... again keeping in mind that doing the walls alone is not enough.
Originally posted by Michael P. Morris
Seems kind of stupid, but I can see this catching on. I guess people are too dumb to realize that you can passowrd protect your shit for free instead of spending about 300 dollars to put butt-ugly wallpaper in your house.

Michael, you are so right. We go up and down with customers on this all the time:

1) No DHCP
2) Turn off ESSID broadcast (and modify from default)
3) MAC filtering
4) Change 192.168.1 to something slightly different

Done like a dinner, and for only the cost of the radio itself.....

DSSS is in itself secure, so once you have secured connection to the network, you can now sleep at night.

Be well, TR