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For the amateur radio operators on here...

Question: How many of you would be interested in the possibility of getting together on a repeater via Echolink, say maybe once a week? Be kind of nice to be able to talk in person (well, by voice at least) every once in awhile.

Anyway, just a thought.
I haven't dabbled in Echolink yet, except to listen to the Hurricane Watch Net last year. I might be interested if I can get it to work..............

This is a cool idea Chris - don't know why no one had come up with it until now - I'd be up for it so long as it wasn't on Tuesday or Thursday night.
I would be interesting in jumping in. I've had echolink for some time, but haven't had a lot of opportunities to play with it.
OK...I will see about getting this a bit more organized. It will have to wait until after Dennis, as (depending on landfall location) I am making plans to intercept this hurricane.
I would be interested, and i know there is a echolink program for Linux, but I forgot what it is called. Anyone remember?