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FOR SALE via Ebay: Computer Parts


I am selling off some computer parts from my old desktop! Everything is in perfect working order. Included with this lot is a motherboard, AMD 1.8GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and a 256mb ATI video card. I have just purchased parts for my new "super computer" and no longer need these guys. The auction ends in a couple of days and bidding is still low (as of this post), so jump in if you're in the market.

My "super computer" is an AMD dual-core 3.0GHz w/ 4GB PC-6400 RAM, 512mb video card, 1.5TB of SATA hard drive space, 950w power supply, and other fun goodies. I'm looking forward to building her this weekend! Entire setup (minus case and LCD, both coming from old) was less than $1000 thanks to Black Friday and Online Monday sales on Tigerdirect and Newegg.

Oh yeah.. Windows XP Professional... not Vista! I wouldn't do that to my new baby. :D